Audio Postproduction
for Digital Video

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By Jay Rose, C.A.S.     429 Pages   with 1-hour Audio CD
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Reviewer's comments about Jay's previous writing on sound for digital video:

  • "Jay Rose brings a wealth of experience... the book is replete with facts and useful information." Dennis Berkla, Videomaker Magazine
  • " invaluable collection of step-by-step how-to information combined with the technical reasons things do or do not work." Dominic Milano, DV Magazine
  • "The most comprehensive, in-depth resource for audio production in the desktop environment... a must-have resource." Randy Cates, Videography Magazine

About the Book

The Digital Video revolution makes it possible for artists, animators, filmmakers, and ordinary citizens to produce first-class video using nothing more than a desktop computer... and in fact, a lot of what you see on network tv has been assembled in ordinary offices, on Macs and PCs. (I should know. I create the soundtracks for them. My recent projects have included network-identity packages for PBS, documentaries for the A&E and Discovery Networks, and home-video rollout campaigns for Disney/Buena Vista.)

A lot of creative individuals have taught themselves how to produce and edit pictures by playing with these computer systems, and comparing what they do with what's being broadcast on tv.

But you can't teach yourself how to polish a soundtrack this way. There are too many interconnected factors. For instance, decisions you make while editing dialog can influence how effective your music score will be. And trying to improve part of a track by ear -- tweaking a knob until things seem better -- can make them much worse later on.

And while there's good hardware and software available for just about every audio task imaginable, from strengthening a voice to cleaning up noisy backgrounds from the shoot, its use is almost never intuitive.

There's an art to good sound. But there's also a science, and a body of techniques that have been developed by professionals like me, over a large chunk of the past century.

This book teaches the science and technique of studio voice and sound effect recording, editing dialog and music (the techniques are different), processing, and mixing. I don't expect you to be a scientist, so I've kept the physics and math to basics you learned in grade school, illustrated with visual analogies. And since I expect you to be primarily interested in results, the book is full of practical tips, how-to examples, and time-savers that have been proven in the field.        -- Jay Rose

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User-friendly Features

Audio Postproduction was designed to be useful for the producer, videographer, and editor:

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  • Voice-over and ADR recording
  • Noise reduction (short excerpt)
  • Streaming

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  • Cover
  • Table of Contents
  • Noise Reduction (long excerpt)

About the Author

Jay Rose, CAS, is a Clio and Emmy-winning sound designer, and proprietor of The Digital Playroom -- a creative audio-for-video boutique. Playroom projects have included:
  • Network identity packages for PBS
  • Documentaries for A&E and Discovery Networks
  • Music and dialog editing for Buena Vista (Disney)
  • Broadcast promos for CBS.
  • Rose also writes a popular audio tutorial column for DV Magazine, lectures at the DV Expo, MacWorld, and other conferences, is a member of the Cinema Audio Society and past officer of the Audio Engineering Society.

    For Classroom Use

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      This book has been replaced by a new, expanded edition
      (more words, more pages, same price)
      Please click for details.

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    Audio Postproduction is now available in Russian and German editions.


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