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the Natural Fool

Picture of Tofu...

A native of far-off Brooklyn, Tofu moved to the Boston area in 1965 and now speaks English almost perfectly*.

Tofu brings his considerable skills as an idiot to the entertainment field, specializing in non-verbal humor and mime conversations with a stuffed duck. When not being a clown Tofu helps create television commercials, which is almost the same thing.

* -- but very seldom.

"I call myself Tofu because like the popular bean curd, I'm white, not too firm, and almost never found at McDonald's."

Tofu is an anti-magician. Tricks never work in his hands... but when he asks a spectator to hold his props, wonderful things happen. Tofu cannot figure this phenomenon out.
Tofu is currently inactive while he recovers from some surgery, but his intimate friend Jay Rose is handling his mail.

3 August 1998