Jay Rose’s
 Digital Playroom

Take a stroll through our library.

Projects like these have made Jay Rose one of New England's most respected sound designers.

These are commercials and network breaks, so you can judge their techniques quickly.
But we also do feature films, TV shows, and DVDs... a few samples can be found here.

  •  PBS: Arthur (network break)
  •  PBS: Barney (network break)
  •  Boston Museum of Science (PSA)
  •  Buena Vista Home Video (spot)
  •  Buena Vista Home Video (spot)
  •  Buena Vista: Gargoyles (promo)
  •  KMLE Phoenix (spot)
  •  Radio KEARTH (spot)
  •  Kryptonite Locks (spot)
  •  PBS: Mr. Rogers (network break)
  •  PBS: Sesame Street (promo)